Onkyo TX 844 with Wharfedale 9.1 Diamond Speakers


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Apr 22, 2021
have a Onkyo tx844 since 1990. Bought it new with CD and tape. It worked good for many years and Now I try new speakers: Wharfedale 9.1 Diamond. I have a problem thay when I use them in high level of db it stops working! I am not sure if it is because of the temperature of the amp going too high or any other problem or reason. The Onkyo has A or B speakers output of 4 ohm and A+B of 8 ohm. The wharfedale 9.1 has min 6 ohm and an option of 4 seperate mounte entrance. What may be the best connecting way?
A output only? (Tried and had problems) B output only? The plus + red wire on A and - minus the black wire on B? (Is this what ment by A+B 8 , ohm?). Or A to one entrance in the speaker and B to the other? Or any other way? Thank u 4 help.
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