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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi I have a Onkyo TXSR806 which I brought 3 years ago, it needs a repair and the shop have offered to give me a new ONKYO TXNR609 free of charge, or repair my old amp, my choice. MY QUESTION IS THIS: When I brought it I did a lot of research and was very happy and still am with my buy. But I'm out of the loop with whats current and best. So I don't know if I'm being offered a GREAT DEAL, or would my old TXSR806 out perform the newer cheaper TXNR609 and should I just get it repaired again? Thanks for your help in advance! Paul.


Have I done something wrong here :quest: not one reply :cry:

I've also now been looking at the onkyo tx-nr809, as the store have offered me the full price i paid for my 3 year old TXSR806 off of a new amp. i can in effect pick up the TXNR809 for £334.

i could really use some advice, I don't listen to much music its 95% movies for me. PLEASE HELP COMMENT


I've heard the 609 and it's a great performer, but dependant on your speakers and room size, I feel you will loose some of the power and attack. If budget is not tight then I would suggest the 809 would be the right decission IMO.


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