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Old speakers - New Amp - Need Source - What to do?


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Aug 10, 2019
Hi all,

I have the following: Yamaha RXV667
Mission M53 Floorstanding fronts
Mission M5C Centre
Mission 5A Sub
Mission M50 Rear
QED Silver Anniversary Bi-wire front + centre
IXOS superflat for the rears
Sony BDPS570 Blue Ray player
PS3 Slim - HDMI


Oppps first post **** up lol

Hi all,

I have the following: Yamaha RXV667 - Mission M53 Floor standing fronts - Mission M5C Centre - Mission 5A Sub - Mission M50 Rear - QED Silver Anniversary Bi-wire front + centre - IXOS super flat for the rears - Sony BDPS570 Blue Ray player - PS3 Slim

My Mission speakers are here to stay, happy with the fairly neutral sound, but they could be a bit brighter. The amp was purchased earlier this year to replace an older Yam, the blue ray player followed shortly after. Now I am looking for a DAC, so I can purchase something like a NAS or similar to play all my music stored on my Laptop (don’t want to do wireless – bad experience).

I know my speakers are fairly old, but funds not available to replace everything so my plan is to sort out a good source for my music and would appreciate any suggestions:

1) DAC – Budget of around £300.00

2) NAS or something similar £200.00

Or to round it up £600.00 max – what do you guys think J


In your situation I would start replacing your speakers. And then get the right DAC etc. The most of the character is brought to you by the loudspeakers. Once you get that right at your own taste, you can go to the next steps. And with the last steps finetuning your system.


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Hi Jcoops

Your speakers are still perfectly good :) If you already haven't done so then also look at using the RX-V667's DAC. I feel you're going to have to look at a DAC such as Rega's before there is a worthwhile difference.

Anyway thinking out of the box then also consider a new AV amplifier. With Yamaha's current Aventage Series of AV receivers on their way out you might be able to find their Aventage RX-A810 within budget. The RX-A810 will give worthwhile improvements in areas such as the DAC, AV processing, quality of power, stereo/movie soundtracks etc. The RX-A810's superior power and cleaner presentation will also help 'liven' up your speakers without the sound becoming upfront or bright.

All the best

Rick @ Musicraft


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Nov 11, 2009
i just took delivery last month of the Aventage A-810 - wow, what a difference over my yam dsp 863se uk tuned from 2008.

I have bx5 fronts & they just sound perfect with the aventage i find it a great combo.

As for DAC or something, not sure if its for you but i bought a Western Digital Network attached Drive 1TB & i have put all my music of all formats onto it & the Aventage plays it straight from it through my apple airport extreme router. The FLAC audio tunes are just great & really do show off the Aventage amps new style components. It also saves having to boot the PC up to play music. Another bonus is there is an ap for my ipad +/or iphone to play the itunes music i have on those devices, again works great.

edit to say - i got the amp for £449 with 5yr warrenty & the W.D. NAS drive cost me about £100 & with the few quid over i personally would change your floorstander's wire to some chord carnival silverscreen. That should also help 'liven up' the old girls as well.

hope that helps!


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Aug 21, 2010
Does your laptop have an optical output?

If it does, plug it straight into one of the yamahas optical inputs and away you go, see how it sounds.


Thanks for the notes on various aspects all!

The outcome of the above has resulted in the following:

1)Looking at an alternative speaker cable for the fronts: Chord Silver or Chord Epic

2)Will be keeping my AMP as is.

3)I am on the quest of Rapberry Pi (not the type you eat lol), which has all the answers to my questions of: Media Server, Wireless, Infra Red, Hard Drive storage.

So thank you for some advice and at least I am considering a cable upgrade :)


Hi all,

So after going through everything and even looking at starting again with my setup, I have decided to improve what I have as much as possible to see what I end up with.

Speakers cable upgrade to Chord Oddessey 2 with Link installed

My next question is about the connection from the CD source to the amp :) Optical or Analogue? Now I am using the Sony BDPS570 Blue Ray player and the best route as I undersstand is via the optical and let the YAM DAC do its stuff? Or should I go RCA out? As I understand the RCA is already going through the Sony DAC? Or have I got it all wrong lol.

In addtion to the above I have implemented a Netgear Pro NAS for my media files (Perfect). Just got to get the DAC but right, then I will update the end result :)



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