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North West Audioshow @Cranage Hall 2016


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Apr 26, 2011
I got there a little late, decided to go to wychwood park first as I definitely wanted to hear the Arcam SR 250. I am in love with that amplifier it sounded amazing, With it I got an appreciation of how good Kef speakers can sound.
We went into a room with an audio note turntable, speakers and a portable reel to reel tape deck. All sounded really good as expected as I do like the audio note sound.
We heard some open baffle speakers with no room treatment sound amazing.
In The Mark Levinson Room they were playing London Grammar Hey Now at low volume, the weight and fullness of the bass notes coming out of the jbl speakers at such low volume was astounding .
There were some rather large rel speakers which we were underwhelmed by. Other than that Pretty much every system we heard sounded great in its own way.
For me the horns won the day and the stand out was the tune audio primes astonishingly good speakers such scale, they were truly epic. We stayed in that room for a good half hour listening to Congo natty, wanting to get our check books out.
All in all a great day. Defo returning next year!