Noise between Tracks on Vinyl

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Mar 3, 2021
When I got my Rega P1 I had a similar experience. I was so used to CDs that when I put on a brand new record (plastic sealed) I expected clear quality within the 'warmth' of vinyl. I was surprised to hear so many pops and clicks. While I expected those atmospheric sounds with second-hand records I did not expect them with brand new ones. I always run a brush over the records to remove surface dust and I have had success in deep-cleaning too noisy records, but in the end I've come to expect all manner of crackles, pops and hiss from both old and new records. What I've found interesting is some very old 60s and 70s albums can play cleaner and clearer than brand new ones. I chalk this up to better vinyl material and processes back in the day. Anyway, I personally prefer to continue to buy CDs and then treat my vinyl collection as a completely different type of listening experience.
Funny that. I have found the exact opposite with new vinyl, admittedly I only buy from a few labels, but after a quick wipe with the Carbon fibre brush I play the LP waiting for the pops...... and there aren't any.


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