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Nick Lowe - The Brentford Trilogy (3CD set on Proper)


the record spot

Picked this up when I popped in to Exeter's Martian Records when I was on holiday in Devon last week. Been after this for a while, but as Fopp in Edinburgh were doing it for £20 and Martian had it for half that, I snagged it for a good price. What a great set - three of his albums from a ten year period between 1991 and 2001 (The Impossible Bird, The Convincer and Dig My Mood). A very rootsy, bluesy feel, wonderful recording and worth checking out. Great band with him and less of the "blokey" material he's kind of been known for doing over the years. This is a more rounded and mature set, recorded "live" with the band and it's got me hooked. Played it coming back up the motorway and have it on just now at home. Have a listen to "The Cold Grey Light of Dawn" or "I'm a Mess" (the latter could be Springsteen at his best) on Spotify or the like and give it a whirl. (Not to be confused with Robert Rankin's books of the same name...!)

Charlie Jefferson

Well-known member
Sep 2, 2007
Nice call, Mr.RS.

You've just jogged my memory regarding this set. My love for Elvis Costello, and his partially shared history with Lowe, has brought me so close on many occasions to investigating him. These albums are going to be my starting point. No excuses now.


plastic penguin

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Apr 28, 2008
I loved much of his earlier stuff, although unfamiliar with his later stuff.

His association with early Costello is the probably one of the stand-out singer/producer albums.

He also co-produced Squeeze ("East side story" I think, along with Costello) album too.



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