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How to set the initial value for the settings on the subwoofer


Subwoofers are helpful in enhancing the low frequency audio signals that cannot be reproduced well by the normal woofers. In order to ensure that the subwoofers reproduce the bass level at a good strength and amplitude in sync with the front speakers, the initial settings must be set right. Here is how you can set the initial values for the settings on the subwoofers.

‘Step 1’
‘Press the outer cover of the subwoofer’

In order to set the initial settings, you need to ‘Press the outer cover of the subwoofer’ as shown below. This will help in opening the region where you can set the different sound settings.


‘Step 2’
‘Set the level’

The recommended initial settings for level on the subwoofer is to ‘Set the level value at 4’. Setting this level value will ensure that the gain value can enhance and amplify the signals received.


‘Step 3’
‘Set the initial phase value’

To make sure that your front, surround speakers remain in sync with the sound output from the subwoofers, the phase values of these must be set in sync. Based on the position of the subwoofer, distance of it to the listening position, 'Set the initial phase value' . It is recommended to set the phase value at 90 in most of the cases.


‘Step 4’
‘Set the low pass filter value’

Remember to ‘Set the low pass filter value’ to about70% of the main speaker’s low frequency extension’. Here, the frequency of the front speaker is considered 50HZ and hence 70% of its which is 35 is set as the low pass filter value.


‘Step 5’
‘Set the level adjustment knob’

The level adjustment knob is used in calibrating the bass levels offered by the subwoofer to be in sync with sound outputs from the main speaker. There can be 25 Hz or 50Hz level adjustment knobs. It is recommended to have ‘Set the level adjustment knob’ at 0


‘You can thus easily set the initial settings on the subwoofers by following the above steps’
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