Can we hear the difference?

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Nov 27, 2008
Apples HiRes is not that high resolution, 24bit 48Khnz, I'd convert that signal to DSD and enjoy it at DSD256 on my March DAC, based on the original Khandas toneboard 1


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Jan 2, 2008

My personal take
If I have to choose between a lossy and a lossless download, I go for lossless.
Same here, but I would be happy with anything that is Spotify "very high" quality or above. (Equivalent to approximately 320kbit/s)

As most people listen with their eyes, the moment they see a hi-res recording (24 / 96 kHz on the display) they will “hear” the benefits because believing is hearing.
The moment they have to do so in a unsighted test, they fail to hear the differences.
Hence, I am happy with Spotify "very high" quality.

Recording quality is far more important than the resolution.

A shitty recording will sound as a shitty recording even in glorious 32 bit / 358 kHz (bigger is better isn’t it) and those rare good recordings will sound gorgeous in Redbook.
Redbook is simply a pretty clever compromise and therefore hard to beat.

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May 1, 2008
This depends. And it could be many are actually not qualified to do hires testing. I’m not being facetious, but offering viewpoints I’ve encountered, be they right or wrong but seem somewhat valid to me.

First let’s get to AB /ABX testing. A supposed neuroscientist student/graduate who reviews audio equipment on YouTube made a very good point that many may be invalidating their tests almost by default. The example he gives is with speaker testing. Some speakers like different positioning - and when you’re testing at a dealers at home are you taking this extra step? To my mind it’s actually very difficult- at a dealer at least.

Second, Hans Beekhuizen, an increasingly well known audio enthusiast, proposes that hires content and source playback equipment is only the start, in addition:

1. Speakers need to be rated at above 30/40khz.

2. Amplifiers need to be rated at above 30/40khz.

The above figures (I could not recall exactly but thereabouts) were actually specified by a HiRes forum group over a decade ago.

Hans, in one of his videos, actually called out Sony and others who stick the HiRes sticker on some of their mini systems and similar because their amplification simply don’t meet the specs.

And come to think of it, there are actually relatively fewer amps rated to go above 30/40 kHz.



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