newbie to separate system help!!


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Aug 10, 2019
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hi there folks

ive just moved on to a separate home cine system just a basic one ( jamo 102 with onkyo 309) managed to connect the speakers up easily enough but no sound from the sub... further more when i connect it up with my laptop via hdmi cable i only get sound via the laptop.... both the sub and laptop have worked at some point as it should so it seems its a set up issue ... i be honest i cannot make head or tails off the annual .... any help but would be great ..


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May 14, 2008
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Hi there,

I might not be able to help abotu the sub and your amp as I am not familiar with it, but i can help you with your laptop sound...

When you connect your laptop next time, you will need to make sure your sound card is set to HMDi sound. Sometimes, like mine, the laptop does not set ip to export the sound via HDMI and in order to fix this you need to manually set it too in the sound control panel.

right click your speaker in the task bar, and to your play back devices, from there you should see HDMI output, make sure it enabled by right clicking on it, if it is enabled, disable the one with the green tick on it that is currently in use. Once you done this you will have to restart your borwser or program you are using for the sound to work.

I hoep this helps you a little.



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