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New Yamaha amp to be released? R-N803D

Oct 12, 2016
Hi everyone,

i've come across this i'm relatively new to hi-fi but too me from the spec sheet it looks like an improved version of the r-n602.

weirdly i can't find anything on the web about it and i swear it wasn't on that webste a few days ago.

anyone know anything about it?

apparently its "the world's first stereo receiver and hi-fi system, which is equipped with the Yamaha Parametric Room Acoustic Optimizer" found some press on some polish websites about it but no price


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May 16, 2008
As the owner of a R-N602 I was obviously curious to see what the changes are in this upgrade.

- A bit more power

- DAB+


There's a youtube video of a prototype. http://www.audiovideohd.fr/actualites/11704-Yamaha-R-N803D.html

I do think Yamaha have missed a trick in this update: an HDMI input for decoding the signal from a Bluray player for Bluray Audio/DVD-A and SACD. The latest Onkyo (TX-8270) has HDMI inputs and an output.

I'm not sure what the YPRA will bring on the stereo front. Feature wise I would probably choose the TX-8270 over the R-N803D. But neither will be a great upgrade over our current R-N602. DAB+ isn't something very useful when there is internet radio. For the time being we can still receive around 40 FM stations through the cable company.



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