New TV set up tips ?


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Aug 10, 2019
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Panny 42PX70 and standard sky and sanyo dvd combi.

Hi folks, just recieved my new PX70 yesterday. I havn't had much time to set it up other than plug it in and switch on, so im looking for some tips please gents ?

Initially there was a lot of noise on the telly (all settings about 50%) particularly around text on sky for example, so the sharpness and the noise reduction are both now on max but still there is a little noise present and bleeding of pixels.

The sky is connected via scart, now i know ive not had a lot of time to tweak and i do intend on doing so (when nightshifts allow !) plus i dont have any THX discs, so can anyone give any quick tips to save me some time ?

Many thanks.



Having the same set I would recommend turning all processing off and having viewing mode set as Normal. Buy a decent scart connector, say between £40 - £50 00. 50% for brightness and contrast is about right.I also found the picture improved in the first few months as the sreen bedded in. Lastly, don't sit too close to the set or you will be aware of imperfections in the broadcast quality.


Agree with the above from my experience with my PX but can I also add that I've read to run it in 'cinema' mode (reduced contrast) for the first 200hrs running in. Dunno if thats good advice or not, but I'm doing (done?!) it just in case!


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