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New Streaming Set-Up From Scratch Advice - UK Novice

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Dec 22, 2006
By the way, how big is your room anyway? Your concern about the Oberons might be unwarranted, and the 606 also need some room behind them.
From the OP:

Just for information, the set-up will be in room about 14 ft long, by about 10/11ft wide. Unfortunately, due to radiator placement and the bay window in the room, the speakers will need to be facing the breadth instead of the length of the room, so I would be listening from roughly 6 -7ft away from the speakers, which would be either side of a shallow fire/chimney breast (about 10 inches in depth, fire not used)
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May 19, 2021
Thanks for your thoughts guys.

I've been doing a bit more digging around, and seen a few comments that allude to the idea that the Dali Oberon 5s maybe too much speaker for a room I have. I have since been looking at the B&W 606 S2 Anniversary Edition. Apparently the B&Ws pair quite well with the Rega Brio rainsoothe mentioned above.
Since my original post I've been able to increase my budget to £2k. So at the moment, I'm considering:

Rega Brio
B&W 606 S2 AE
Bluesound Node Gen 3

Theres a local dealer not that far from me who stocks all 3 items. When the new Bluesound comes out this month, I'll enquire if, due to my condition, they'd be willing to come to an arrangement to let me home audition.

In theory, do the listed items/set up sound workable, or is there anything not right I'm not aware of; compatibility, amp/power pairing eg.

Thanks guys
Dali Oberon 3 then….? 🤔
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May 31, 2021
Hi again.

Just an update and a big thanks again for all your suggestions.

I eventually contacted a local reputable dealer and explained my situation/condition, and from the precautions taken in the shop itself (I won't bore you with that) I felt safe enough to make an appointment to audition some gear, PPE'd to the gills 😊. Apart from my ears 👂😎.

From past experience, when researching other tech for my PC builds, I should have known that I would probably end up with totally different gear than initially settled on..... This was no different. I feel like I've come a long way since that OP!

Anyway, I auditioned 3 amps, 3 speakers and the Bluesound Node 2021.

Quad Veena 2
Rega Brio
Rega Elex-R

Quad S2
B&W 606 S2 Anniversary Edition
Dali Opticon 1

First up was the Veena 2 and the Quad S2s; this combo was very "polite" and gentle, warm, totally comfortable to listen to but didn't get my emotions going. Just like listening to background radio; it's there but it doesn't grab you by the collars and insist you listen to it. Passed on quickly to the Rega Brio and the Quad S2s.

This was getting there, for sure. Loved the difference from the Veena to the Brio. Where the Veena was like an undemanding, layed back pet dog, I felt the Brio wanted me to give it my undivided attention, but in a good way. This really started to get interesting; played through some of the same tracks by - Joni Mitchell, Mark Eitzel, Stanley Turrentine, Talk Talk, and, Stereo lab for a bit of lowfi electronica.

The Brio and the S2s were a gorgeous combo; the S2s are lovely sounding. Joni Mitchell's vocal on "Blue" had me getting moist around the eyes, I've not heard this track as good as this for over 20yrs since my Naim days. Mark Hollis' sombre, haunting voice was incredible, as was the multi-layered instrumentation from the Colour of Spring album. I've been listening to this album since 1986, so I know it back to front, and inside out, but it never sounded so intricate and evocative.

I knew after this that I could walk out of the shop with the Brio/Quads/Node and be content, but I'd heard/read good things about the B&W 606 S2s so after asking to audition them, and the Elex-r, it would be rude not to.

Well, I know some people on here and many other places will/do love and enjoy the 606s, but after about 3 tracks, I'd had enough, to the point of actually being irritated by them. Maybe it's unfair after the syrupy goodness of the Quads, as I kind of had an idea the B&Ws were a tad more brash in their delivery, where the Quads made me feel like I could just settle down and spend weeks with them non-stop.

The B&Ws made me feel like when my sister used to bring my then 3yr old, unruly nephew around to visit....I couldn't wait to see the back of him, he gave me a headache, as did the B&Ws 🤕 So that was the end of them.

Next up, the Elex-r. This was kind of a wild card, I was just curious to hear the difference between it and it's little sibling, and what the extra ££££ bought you. Probably a bad idea, for my wallet, but not for my ears.

The Quads were plugged back in and off we went again, some of the same tracks, and a few others that are lovingly familiar to me. I thought the Brio was brilliant with the Quads, but the Elex-r knocked it up another notch; Joni was now sat about a foot away from me, Mark Hollis was breathing in my face. Instrumentation on all songs was again where they should be in the soundstage, but in greater 3D than with the Brio, with a little more detail and isolation but without sounding detached from each other. Everything just popped. Glorious!!!

I listened to the Dalis, probably out of politeness, as the chap who was looking after me in the store had introduced these to offset my disappointment with the B&Ws and to provide something different as a contrast to the Quads. The Dalis were good, and I enjoyed them, but not in the same way as with the Quads.

So that was that, deal done, except for one surprise. The Quads were not a demo pair, they were the last in stock, and a freshly opened pair that afternoon for the demo, so had no burn in at all. This was the first time they had been hooked up since the factory. If they sound this pleasing fresh out of the box, I look forward to what they end up sounding like after a few weeks.

All that remains is to decorate the room I'll be setting up my gear in, probably over the next week or 2, and off we go, back to HiFi land again. Its been a long time, it will be good to be back 😊😉

Thanks again for all your words of wisdom and suggestions, much appreciated, and thanks for reading.

Kind Regards

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May 19, 2021
The B&Ws made me feel like when my sister used to bring my then 3yr old, unruly nephew around to visit....I couldn't wait to see the back of him, he gave me a headache, as did the B&Ws
This made me laugh..😁 Your experience chimes with mine. I’ve never heard a B&W speaker that I didn’t find bright…
Glad you’ve got your choice sorted. You’ve shown once again there is no substitute for a real demo no matter how many reviews/forums you frequent. 👍
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