New TV Purchased - advice needed on what to do about existing DVD player


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi Everyone

I have just bought a new Sony LCD Bravia television - the KDL32D300, which gets delivered next week. I am however in a pondry about what to do about my DVD player. My budget is tight (i'm getting married in March 08!) so I don't have the money or inclanation to step up to HD-DVD or Blu Ray just yet. I will do that in a year or so once the wallet has recovered and the formats have a clearer direction.

My existing DVD player is a Toshiba SD-220E, a good budget DVD player in its day but getting a bit long in the tooth now! My pondry is such:

1. Should I retain the Toshiba and connect it up to the new TV by using the existing QED scart cable that I have?

2. Should I retain the Toshiba, but invest a little money in a component video cable? Would this be better than the SCART?

3. Should I ditch the Toshiba completely and invest around £100 in a new budget DVD player with HDMI and upscaling to take advantage of the new TV and get me through the next couple of years? Would this be worth it in terms of picture quality?

The sound won't really be too much of an issue as I will connect it up to my Yamaha AV Receiver (RX-V357) for the mo. This also needs upgraded and was a temporary purchase last year to get me through the Xmas hols when my NAD AV Receiver gave up the ghost! I also have a NAD CD player so the DVD will be solely for movies not music.

Any advice appreciated on the DVD pondry above!



Clare Newsome

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Jun 4, 2007
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Hi Mark,

It's a great set, and worthy of a DVD player upgrade - but you don't have to spend a fortune!

Samsung's DVD-HD870 is available for about £55 and will easily outperform your Toshiba. Add a decent HDMI cable - Cambridge Audio's £30 HDMI (available from Richer Sounds) will do nicely.

Voila! Upscaled DVD performance and change from £100 to buy a great new DVD to enjoy on your new set-up.


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