Question What eARC receiver / AV Amp?


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Jan 13, 2008
Hi all,

Looking for any input on the following really….

So I noticed last night that surround right channel on my trusty Pioneer LX70 receiver has bit the dust. (Did various swaps with cables, speakers etc and am confident it is dead).

Whilst I could probably get it fixed (great local guy) it does present me with an opportunity to bring my Home Cinema up-to-date.

As my Sony TV has eARC I really want to make the most of this to get HD surround formats (not fussed about Atmos). I also need to pay for said receiver by PayPal (just so I can pay over 3/4 months).

Ideally I really would like to stick with Pioneer so that it matches my LD, DVD & BD player but with a budget of around £600-£700 (could go higher I guess but don’t think I need to) my options are very limited (to non-existent) due to the lack of new Pioneer gear over the last few years (as I am happy with 2nd hand).

So, there are a few options:

- wait for something like the VSX 935 to drop in price? (although I am used to LX range (albeit, 2nd hand).
- bite the bullet of it not matching and go for a Denon X2800 brand new
- Opt for something like the Marantz 6014/5 which I like the look of and should be decent for music (although not vital) when available on somewhere like eBay.

Anyone have any experience with any of these? Not sure how something like the Denon would compare (sound quality wise) to my aged Pioneer.


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