New Sub for around 1800. Please help ??


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Feb 20, 2008
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My System is as follows, Pioneer SC-LX85. Tannoy Revolution Signature DC6-LCR Centre, DC6T fronts and DC4 rears. I currently run a Tannoy TS12 but I think you would agree with the above kit the system has outgrown the TS12 somewhat. THe TS12 is certainly powerful enough and gives a meaty sound, but I dont feel its doing the rest of my system justice anymore. If I tell you exactly what I am after sound wise and ou can direct me to the right place. As I say the TS12 is powerful but im after something a bit more refined which would hopefully go much deeper but without the 'boomy' slow muddy wash giving mor space for my signatures to breath. So in a nut shell I want earth moving deep fast bass to mainly handle frequencies that the DC6T cannot handle. As I say I have around £1800 to play with and all the reviews Ive read point me towards the Velodyne SPL 1200 Ultra, Im not in a position to really be able to go anywhere to audition these so want you advice to whether this sub would do the trick ?