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Aug 10, 2019
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I am a very inexperienced in this and quite confused by all the choice that is out there. I want to install a new neat cinema /music system in our bedroom - mainly to watch tv /dvds and play music. I want everything need and tidy and will probably install the system in a wardrobe with sliding doors. Not keen on messy big speakers but like basic surround sound . I would like to be able to play cds .ipod via this system. Currently using Virgin media as tv supplier downstairs and have wifi broadband internet installed - May consider changing to SKY - if that is what is recommended but reluctant to give up my virgin broadband . I would like at least HD 36" plasma and HD playbackl. My budget is about £2-3000 - what would you experts recommend i should buy ? I saw a Bose system that more or less did it all - do people here approve of that or are there better alternatives ? I would really appreciate some advice from here rather then from the guys in the shops..... thank you


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Dec 28, 2007
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Sounds like you want an all-in-one solution which will be much neater and tidier than separates, plus a decent TV to go with that. As nads said, I wouldn't personally go for a Bose system, but have a look and see if it's right for you.

Oh, nothing wrong with getting advice from the shops, just make sure you visit a few and i mean proper specialist shops like the ones in the back of WHF magazine as opposed to your Currys / Comets...


Thanks for your replies - what iwas really hoping for was some independent advice on what to buy and if you not like Bose what do you recommend - dont mind putting together some separates. Nore help please....


Not to say that i already have set up this proposed system but from my research on this topic, i have come across a few options. I figured that since you are setting this rig for your bedroom, i would presume you would be better served by opting for the out of the box experience and here goes..........................

- Bose : Lifestyle 48: As much as these systems look amazing and the beauty of the small form factor speakers and the acclaim they seem to have in this world in terms of public opinion, my past dealings and experiences with them has led me to the notion that they suck.... (Well i dunno if i can actually say that here
), back to the matter, the sound range they deliver lacks significantly in many aspects of true bass reproduction and high treble notes as well. Apart from that they look soo beautifull that many a time i have considered scrapping my expectations on sound quality and just buying them

- Kef Audio: KIT 530: Nice looking systems with pretty good performance on the sound front. The eggs and the box sub perform pretty well for the money you spend on them. The amp module comes with a built in DVD player that supports HDMi as well. But they are not as aesthetically pleasing as the Bose Lifestyle 48.

- Onkyo CS-V815 : Space saving system with some very useful features in terms of DVD playback, tuner features and ipod support by means of the remote Interactive Dock for the iPod. The only drawback being that it comes with 2 speakers as opposed to the traditional 5.1 support. The system does somewhat alleviate this problem by allowing you the option to buy an amp and additional speakers in case you wish to engage in the whole 5.1 experience. Then again that would now make it a component system which takes up too much space. The two speakers do perform well and produce a very broad spectrum of sound which somewhat compensates for the lack of 5 speakers and sub.

- Sony DAV-IS10 DVD System: Nice compact product by sony which covers all the basic needs in respect of dvd player, built in amp, 5.1 speaker options. It also produces decent sound and is within a nice budget cost base. The speakers are small and can be hidden easily.

Component System

I thought just in case you are keen on going higher sound quality in compromise for a little space. You could opt to get a amplifier with a built in dvd player and some class style speakers.

Amplifier / DVD Combo: NAD Viso Five: Nice dvd amp combo that, is to be released in a month, but if you have had past experience with NAD products, you would be rubbing your hands with glee with anticipation to get your hands on one. There is also support for ipod on this by means of an additional module which would sell for 100 quid.


Speakers: Well the KEF KHT3005 SE, has earned heaps of praise and acclaim from almost everyone, The only problem with the components i propose, is that they together would alone blow your 2k budget. But i thought i would let you know anyway...

A cheaper option is the Jamo A102 HC55 in terms of speakers.... They are small form factor and perform pretty well. These speakers would allow you to go for the seperates build if you soo choose.
AND THEN to the LCD display....

What Hifi has done alot of research on this and for the size you are looking at, the best in my honest opinion (considering i ended up buying one myself) is the Panasonic TH-37PX70.

In retrospect, i realise i have spewed out alot of info, much of it i feel maybe redundant but i hope in some way i have helped....


Wow - great help -arvondp - this is exactly what I was hoping for - many thanbks - i am really greatful - will be looking at the combos recommended.
Specialy like the Onkyo with Interactive ipod dock.
Two speakes may be all that is required as for full 5.1 surround sound i wil stick to main system downstairs.
also thatks for the advice on plasma -

However what nobody has adresses so far is wehther i should leave virgin and go for sky HD? or do i get virgin to install another cable receiver upstairs??

Also i am going over to the usa next week - if i go to the bose outlet shop - i mmight be tempted.....but I will resist even if it is much cheaper- at least i hope so.........


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