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Jan 23, 2008
I have recently upgraded to the Cambridge Audio 640C v2 CD player and Monitor Audio Bronze BR2 speakers and now only have the amp to replace to have a nice budget system. I was going to buy new again and invest in either the matching Cambridge 640A v2 or Marantz PM6002, but I kind of like the idea of dipping my toe in and buying secondhand instead. I have recently seen some Arcam amps on Ebay (9, 80 and 85) and wondered if my money is best invested in a second hand model from a few years back, rather than a new Cambridge. It would have been nice to have matching amp and CD, especailly regarding the remotes, but if I will achieve a better sound from an old Arcam then that's more important to me.

How will an Arcam fit in with my new kit? Will it gel together as well as the twin Cambridge models are suposed to match each other? Has anyone any advice of other amps up to £300 second hand value that will go nicely with the Cambridge and MA's?


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Sep 6, 2007
The C/A CD player and M/A BR2 speakers will suit the Arcam amps well.

Either the Arcam Alpha 8 or 9 integrated amps will work well, i'd say more so then the A80 or A85 amps. They seem a little gutless to me where as the Alpha amps have much more kick and authority but yet smooth and detailed.

With the Alpha 8 or 9 you can always look to upgrade with the Alpha 8P or 9P power amp later as well. Maybe even looking at the Arcam Alpha 10 integrated amp. All very good amps.


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