New Amp to be adapted with Infinity Kappa 70 speaker


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Aug 10, 2019
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I'm new on this forum.

I'm not a specialist in Hi-fi and have just enjoyed since 10 years my Hi-fi sound system composed by :

Speaker : Infinity Kappa 70 (bougth for a couple hundred euro in occasion)

Amp : Marantz PM7000

CD player : Marantz (don't remerber the name but with price category in accordance with the amp)

and a mediacenter with a lot of FLAC file and a M-Audio 24/96 sound card.

A couple of week ago, the amp collapse and I'm surching the good equipment to replace it.

I find, within my budget, the two following amp :

Cambridge Audio 650A (pure stereo system with good press)

Onkyo TR 8050 (multimedia facilities of this amp seems interesting, capability to be remotly used with a Android phone seems also interesting).

So my questions are the following :

- Are these two amp good equipment and in accordance with my speaker?

- The main interrest of the Onkyo is the ethernet link and DLNA function which will allow me to dedicate the media center to video instead of audio, but is the sound quality of this amp in accordance with the other amp in the same price range but without multimedia?

- Do you have another suggestion of Amp regarding my installation?


I've read my post and it seems not to be so clear... my english is awfull.

So the main idea is that I need advice to replace my old amplifier (Marantz PM7000).

I've got Infinity Kappa 70 speakers (built in 1999-2000, just a little smaller than this ones :, these are 4 ohms bi-wired speakers.

I've found 2 amplifiers who seem interesting, one for the Hi-fi fidelity and the other for the associated multimedia feature.

Cambridge Audio 650A

Onkyo TR 8050

I usually use media center with a good sound card (M-Audio 24/96 as main source to play music. I'd like to know if the multimedia features of the Onkyo are a good improvement of the systems or if it will redundant with the media center?

In term of "sound quality" is the cambridge audio a good choice? Can I expect huge differences between the two amplifiers?

Is there a better choice in the same price order?

I listen almost all sort of music from Jazz to Electro...


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