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Jun 19, 2020

I spend a lot of time on my desktop computer to work, while listening to music, mainly from Deezer Premium (320 kb/s but I plan to switch to their FLAC offer) from the PC app or the website.

I currently have :
- 2 active Yamaha HS7 speakers
- and this "DAC" : Sennheiser GSX 1000 (for specs: ... o-gsx-1000 )

I put DAC in quotes because I know it's not an audio one, but I chose it because :
- it includes a mode with rather good "spatialization" for headphones gaming (although I don't use it much now)
- it allows to easily switch between the speakers and the headphones,
- and it has an "HD" stereo mode that allows 24-bit/96 kHz.

I always listen to the music on the speakers (I only use the headphones to play at night, when the family is sleeping).

My room is 130 sq ft and I am 3.2 ft away from the speakers, sitting in front of the screen at my desk.

A bit disappointed by my Yamaha's, I am looking for new speakers and/or new DAC.

I'm open to any proposal (why not column speakers, active or passive, with an amp...), but I need a headphone output (only to play so I don't need high quality or a specific headphone dac) and that I don't need wireless.

Budget: around 1300 pounds max for the whole (DAC/amp + speakers).

Speakers side and if I remain in active, I thought in particular of the KEF LSX, the Triangle Elara LN05A, the Klipsch R-26PF, the Elipson prestige facet 14f bt (I know, these columns have bluetooth but I did not find any active without...) or the Focal Shape 65.

Last question, I've tested the KEF LSX in a store (but not long enough) and I found them quite impressive, but what's the best way to connect them to my PC to get the best audio quality ?
- with optical, directly on the motherboard (since there is no USB input on the KEFs, but it seems to me that optical-TOSLINK limits the audio bitrate and/or frequency (restricted to 96kHz ? ) and then no more volume control, headphone output...).
- by keeping my current Sennheiser DAC and plugging it into the "AUX" input on the KEF?
- or by taking the opportunity to change my DAC, and in this case, would you have a model for me? (around 250 pounds)

There you go, many thanks in advance for your help!



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Sep 24, 2008
Get a pro audio music interface designed for the job rather than a Hi-Fi DAC, as this will be much more flexible and come with software to get the best out of you speakers.

If you still want to change the speakers then stick with actives, but go to a pro music store as you will have a much wider selection designed for the job. (You will probably get a deal if you buy the audio interface and speakers at the same time.



Jun 19, 2020
Thanks for your answer.
But what kind of "pro audio music interface" do you refer to ?
Can you give me an example or models you'd recommend ?



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