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Aug 10, 2019
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Im in the process of choosing a new home cinema system etc.

Im buying a new TV and I currently have a playstation, xbox and my mac book. I will want my playstation and xbox hooked up and im going to have it where I can use my mac through my new TV for a bigger screen. I know I have to connect my laptop up to my tv directly to have it come on my tv or do i?

My problem is, do I buy a AV reciever and some seperate speakers which i can connect everything up to or do i buy a surround sound bundle with the dvd player and speakers etc?

I dont know what the difference is and which would be best. I dont really need a new dvd player as the dvd player on the playstation is Blue-Ray.

I have found a couple of Pioneer recievers for around £400 which i can play itunes from my iphone or mac wirelessly and also connect my playstation up to so I can have the sound of that come through the AV reciever rather than the stand alone speakers on the TV. I would have to buy some seperate speakers aswell which will also cost alot more.

Or, I have found a couple of Pioneer surround sound systems with speakers and blue ray included for around the same price.

Can some one please advise me in the best direction and what i need to do to have a good set up system where everything is hooked up etc?

Thank you


Well my budget is around 350-400 but i have found a decent pioneer av receiver brand new on amazon for £250 which should actually be £400, this receiver allows me to plug everything through it and play music wirelessley, also it will let me stream videos through it to play on my tv.

It would be 60% gaming and 40% music.

I basically want a set up where I can use my laptop through my tv and the sound come through the home cinema and also have my play station and Xbox through my surround sound. I like everything wirelessley and I'm into my big brands. I currently live at my girlfriends but at my own house I have a set of b&w speakers and technics decks etc.

Please advise