Need advice on standmount speakers

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Oct 11, 2020
Auditioning, as already indicated, is the best way to make this choice, but I understand the challenges in doing so and I've not always auditioned myself.

I'd strike the LS50s from your list. They have many qualities but you won't get anything like the best out of them with the Sonos, and they'll be quite exposing of the areas in which it lacks. As referred to above, the B&Ws are easier to drive, though they can be quite exposing. I have a pair of the original 606 and from reviews it seems the s2 version is even more exposing.

Q Acoustics would be a good lower-risk option. They don't particularly stand out at anything in my experience, but they're easy to drive and easy to listen to.

There's also the Monitor Audio Bronze 100s. I haven't heard those myself, but I'm very impressed with the floorstanding Bronze 200s, and I've enjoyed several MA models in the past. I currently have the 200s in prime place with my Wharfedale Linton 85s and B&W 606s on the sidelines.

I’ll try and get some MA or Elac Debut speakers which are front firing only. And then have a fancy dinner from the money that I saved. Cheers all


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Oct 28, 2020
Hi - I’ve done a ton of reading on this so far but am still pretty lost when it comes to the new speakers that I want to get for my new flat.

The speakers will be powered through the Sonos AMP. I know what some of you might say but the convenience of it is paramount to me and I already own two Sonos Ones.

I want to use them in the living room, can set them about 2.0-2.5 metres apart and would also sit c. 2m away. The speakers will sit with c. 10-20cm distance to the back wall. My apartment is very open space and therefore a wide soundstage is important to me so that I can feel the music in other parts of the flat as well.
Music that I mainly listen to is Jazz/classical but also hard rock and house music. Quite a lot of podcasts. While I don’t own a TV, i plan to plan movies through these every once in a while (via Airplay), so I would also prefer a more pronounced bass without the need for a sub.

Given the size of the apartment I can only look for standmount speakers and have already narrowed this down to the following few.
— KEF LS 50
— B&W 606
— Wharfedale Evo 4.2
— Klipsch RP 600M

I’ve already read a lot of reviews about those speakers but some even seem contradictory and people tend to rave about all four of them. So it would be important to understand which of them places best with respect to my requirements on soundstaging, music preferences and bass. Also very open to other suggestions in the same pricing range as the above examples (up to c. £700/$900). Any thoughts?
Go to a dealer thst carries all or some of these and compare them to find the one you like best. I hear the new Kef LS5 meta model is awesome and somewhat better than the old model, but I am yet to hear the model but the meta damping tech is very interesting and unique.



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