Naim NAP 200 Poweramp + Audiolab M-DAC as pre-amp?


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Aug 10, 2019
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Thanks for the previous advice regards getting a NAIM amp to match my Epos ES14 speakers.

Anyone have any ideas/opinions on pairing an Audiolab M-DAC as a pre-amplifier with the NAIM NAP 200 power amplifier?

Any gotchas or things to be aware of?

My current system is 22 years old and bought as a boxed set so I have no idea about mixing and matching components from different manufacturers, or even power amplifiers (currently have an integrated one).



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May 18, 2010
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Not the same but I ran my Audiolab M-DAC as pre+DAC and made the Classe CAP-2100 (by labelling the input as SSP - any input can be run as Power Amp only mode) power amp on XLR connection.

IMO, Classe CAP 2100 as a Pre + Power sounded much smoother and a lot better. Just to get the perspective right, I am comparing a 600 pounds DAC + pre to a 4000 Pound Power + Pre (or almost 3000 pound pre as CAP-2100 has CP-500 pre-amp which costs new 3000 pounds, I guess)

I know the comparision is not fair. My point is when you have access to much better pre or when some one is newly allocating funds this point needs to be considered.


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Jan 27, 2009
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I ran a Cyrus Pre XPd into a Naim NAP200 for nearly a year and the results were good; the NAP200 is very transparent to the Pre-amp.

The difference a Naim Pre makes though is considerable and the system gels better. The NAP200 is very powerful though despite being rated at 70 watts/channel. It kicks my hard to drive Dynaudios into life with no trouble, even at silly volumes.


Thanks for the advice all.

My main problem is how much do I spend...

As mentioned current stereo (barring the speakers) is 22 years old and the amplifier is on its last legs so needs replacing (worried it will go pop and take the speakers with it).

Naim kit sounds loverly but it is also expensive. More I look and read more I get dragged in by this step up or this upgrade. Plus a colleague who is into his stereos is advising me to add a bit more and replace the whole hog, speakers included!

Was ideally looking at spending no more that £2K on the amplifier but more I look more something like the Superuniti appeals. I haven't had a pay rise in six years and the potential bonus isn't looking too happy either.

So current thoughts are start with the NAP 200 paired with the M-DAC and the Marantz NA-7004 (keeping my Pioneer SACD/DVD-A) then at a later date add a pre-amplifier or upgrade the power amplifier and perhaps go with different speakers (like the looks of the PMC Twenty 24s).

Other problem is I do also like the look of the Creek Destiny integrated amplifier and the NAD C390DD amplifier. Ideally would like to audition all the options then decide but not being a driver options for this are limited...


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Mar 16, 2011
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I can very highly recommend the MDAC and Cyrus Power Amp combo which is much less than 2k. Go For the XPower

you can also upgrade this with a PSX or second power amp / psx as funds allow in the future