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Dec 22, 2021
Hello to everyone.
I am a new member and I would like to place my thoughts on a product that helped me in multi-room music listening. My main HiFi system consists of an acurus combo (preamp RL-11, poweramp A-150), which drives a pair of Impulse Lali speakers. The preamp accepts line in signals from a CD player and, via a phono stage, a roksan radius turntable. I mainly hear to jazz and classical music. In the second room I have a separate mini system (all in one). I wanted to wirelessly connect these two and hear music simultaneously in both rooms. Well, I looked around the internet and found out "Mini Preamp With Wifi & Bluetooth 5.0 S10". And what a discovery it was! Small preamplifier with both WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, and ports: AuxIn, AuxOut (3,5 mm jacks), Ethernet, USB.
I had my concerns about the fidelity of music this little thing could reproduce, but my mini system was revamped, which means that the S10 preamp was transmitting the audio signal without any compromise. Before the advent of S10 preamp, I had to raise the volume of the main system very high in order to hear the music, in decent volumes, in the second room. So here the advantage is clear.
I connected a second S10 preamp to the RL-11, and tested the music coming through it to the Lalis. I wasn't disappointed at all. The sweetness of the speakers remained and the mid and high frequencies were faithfully reproduced.
The S10 can be controlled via "4STREAM" app. This app is a little difficult to master in the beginning but when one finds its way, everything becomes easy to handle. Through the WiFi option the internet offers a lot of music to choose from and one can hear separate music in every room!
All in all the S10 is for sure a little pretty thing worth its price when considering multi-room music listening.
Well, these are my thoughts on my recent purchase. What the other members think of the S10? I would be happy to hear their opinion.


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