My first Flat Panel- Panasonic 42PZ70 Vs PZ700.... or should I get an LCD????


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Aug 10, 2019
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As I've mentioned, I wish to finally take my first step into the grown up world of flat panel TV's. Up until now I was more than content with my flick and colouring in books but I was told my new PS3 and Wii may not be compatible. I want to purchase a 42inch plasma or LCD if there is one of similar size that can compare (something I am lead to believe is not the case). Most importantly, I just want the best 1080p screen for £2000 or less (will go slightly higher if I have to) that is going to give me the best picture quality/performance. I will be playing games (PS3 and Wii) watching blu-ray and normal DVD's and eventually sky HD (normal sky digital for now). The ones that seem to stand out from reading the magazine are the 2 Panasonics.. The 42PZ70 and the 42PZ700. Now I understand that the 700 has superior sound and more connectivity but the 70 has been given a higher rating. Is this down to value for money?... am I barking up the wrong tree all together… is there a better plasma or LCD out there for the money I have. I understand there a differences in image quality and refresh rates(???) something I was told can make fast moving on screen objects lose shape or have a trail. I don’t much fancy watching the boys in the premiership booting an egg around the pitch or my faster moving games/action flicks looking funny. Like I said though.. Bottom line… which screen of the 2 has the better picture quality. I would consider sacrificing connectivity and sound for a better image performance as I will no doubt being purchasing extra kit to channel the sound though.
If you think however there is a better choice for my money, I'd appreciate knowing about it and the reasons for it... someone had been trying to push the bravias on to me (w3000 i think).... another person said I don't really need 1080p.... are they right?

Someone.. please help… I have little to zero TV knowledge and want to get off to a good start. I am ever so confused and it’s starting to hurt. Will be my first TV purchase for my first home.


Hi there, sorry to hear your problem but I am in exactly the same position as yourself! They are both highly rated in the magazines but like you say do we justify the extra money for the 700 or is the 70 more than capable?
A friend of mine said to me the only thing that would concern him would be to buy the 70, take it home set it all up and still know that in his head he would be thinking there is a "better" model out there and should I have spent the extra on it?
The speaker system in the 700 is much better than the 70 but the main items that concern me are the different contrast ratios 5,000-1 on the 700 and 10,000-1 on the 70. I also spotted there is a "HD Optimizer" on the 70 and a "Digital Optimizer" on the 700, are they different or are they the same thing but with different names?
Hopefully one of us will find something somewhere which will help us find the way and if I do I will let you know. (Of course that is until someone throws a different make and model at us and then we start pulling our hair out)
Watch this space....


I have the older panasonic 600 model, which has the better speakers and sd slot. I would definately go for the same model again, as sound is one of the most important things, as I dont always want the home cinema system on. The sound from the 600 is excellent, and the same will apply to the 700. FInd a shop that will let you try the 700, you wont be disappointed!


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