Mounting a panasonic 42 television on a wall


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Aug 10, 2019
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Does anyone have much experience mounting this television on a wall? I've just purchased a panasonic wall mounting bracket and wondered if anyone has any useful tips before I embark on this.

Also how do you handle all the wires going from the wall to a stand with your devices i.e. SKY box / play station e.t.c.

If the wall has plaster board will this be secure.



Andrew Everard

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May 30, 2007
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No, a plasterboard wall won't hold the weight. You need to fix the mount to the studs supporting the plasterboard, and you may well have to build some extre woodwork to frame in between the studs to get the bracket where you want it.

That's going to be a pretty major job - ideally you need to take off the plasterboard where you're going to put the TV, build the frame between the studs with some solid timber, and then replace the plasterboard, screwing through this into the timber frame to fix the bracket.

You can also take this opportunity to run the cabling behind the plasterboard.


I've not done it, but i dont think it will be secure without a solid wall to fix it to?
Am i right?
I want to mount a Panasonic 42" on a cantilever style bracket, but because my walls are breeze block, i might go for a Samsung 40" lcd.

Juzzie Wuzzie

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Breeze block should make it easier - as you can drill into it, and use mounting lugs (i.e. bolds that expand when you tighten them). If you're "mechanically moronic" (as my father called me) I wouldn't recommend doing it yourself, and would get someone in. If you are in London, I can recommend the guy that did my wall mount.


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