Monitor audio mass 5.1 best setup for music & movies.


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Apr 17, 2014
Just bought a Yamaha rx-v677 amp. and also the monitor audio mass 5.1 surround sound speaker system. can anyone tell me the best settings and the best way to get the most out of watching movies and best sound out of my music. About 10 years ago I had a Sony surround sound system. And when I watched movies, I would put the dvd in a press the dts settings on the player and the sound was amazing. Now there dozens of setting and mind boggling setting names I don't know what there for. Decoder, neo 6 cinema, Dolby pLll, pure direct, straight, and dozens more.

For movies I've had the setting on Dolby pro logic. But when the action scenes are on not much comes out of the rear speakers as have done in previous systems I've had. The speaker setup is right and I've turned the volume up in the rear speakers a bit more to try and hear better, but still not great. I've had the setting were all speakers are producing sound at the same time. Sounds great and clear but the surround sound experience..

also I just want the best setting to hear amazing music quality.

can anyone help.

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The best settings are DTS master audio, and Dolby true high definition. Put the amp on movie setting too.


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Dec 10, 2012
There are a couple of reasons to avoid Dolby Prologic.

It's designed to convert a STEREO source into a pseudo-surround sound form that will be output to all available speakers. So if you use it with a 5.1 or 7.1 bluray source for example, the software will get very confused because it's not meant to process a multi-channel source.

The other reason to avoid it is because it's not very good.

Yamaha amps tend to use their own set of processing options, so as far as which specific settings to use, you're best off getting advice from a fellow Yammy user. However, don't always assume Pure Direct is the best option.

For stereo sources, I tend to use Pure Direct (which is similar to how a stereo amp would treat a signal and ONLY uses the front left & right channels), Direct (doesn't add any fancy effects but will use any room-eq settings) and Extended Stereo (which plays 2.0 sources through all channels). For your system I'd probably avoid Pure Direct for stereo sources because your smallish satellite speakers probably wouldn't sound too great on their own without the sub coming into play.

For multi-channel sources I switch between Pure Direct, Direct (which play DTS-HD sources and the like straight but without or with room eq respectively), Optimum Surround (which is a setting that reduces dynamic range which is better for late night listening) and Rock which adds a little more dynamism and attack to some music Blurays I have.

But do continue to play with your AVR's settings and try to learn what your AVR is actually doing to the signal with each setting; and remember to ask yourself precisely WHAT is the signal your source is providing to your AVR and what speakers you want to be used. Asking these questions will often help you to pick the settings that works best for your system, your room and your taste.


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