Marantz 6025 Distortion Problem


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Jul 23, 2014
Hi everybody,

I have just picked up a secondhand Marantz 6025 turntable which is fitted with an Audio Technica cartridge (not sure which model) and upon setting it up I am having major problems with it.

The unit was meant to be in good order but upon connecting it up I am getting horrendous distortion through the left audio (white RCA cable) I have tried connectiing just the red cable into both inputs and that one works fine, I have also connected the ground cable so there is no interference in that department.

Could you please advise me as to what may be wrong with it as I am not technically knowledgeable on vintage turntables, I only picked it up as a casual listener wanting something cheap but functional to replace my old Trio KD-1500 which I foolishly lent to a friend who subsequently damaged it!


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I would think a re-wire is the last thing I'd consider. Obviously, check all the basics:-

1. is it level?

2. Is the tracking downforce correct (at or near maximum recommended)?

3. Is the stylus clean and undamaged?

4. Is the arm free from significant friction?

5. Are the headshell connections clean, untarnished, and sound?

The LH channel is the left hand side of the v of the groove as you look at the tt playing a record. Too much anti skate (cannot see from pics how to adjust on this tt) will cause LH channel distortion. Can that be dialled out?

Hope one of these helps.


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