lpcm or bitstream with RXV-3900


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Aug 10, 2019
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I have a PS3 slim and a Yamaha RXV3900 connected with a HDMI cable. I currently output the audio by bitstream, but with all the recent firmware updates is this still the best method to get the highest quality audio?

I have read many conflicting reviews suggesting that LPCM could be the best. My thinking is that the internals of the Yamaha should be better at processing and that I should leave it to bitstream.

Any advise or thoughts greatly accepted.


Thanks for the reply.

I have indeed tried both ways, but to be honest I can not hear any difference. That is why I am asking the question to see if others can hear a noticable difference.

Steven Rae

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Feb 10, 2012
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i have mine linked to a onkyo amp and B+W speakers, I have always had it set to bitstream and it sounded great but I could never figure out why when playing games it would always output in pcm as default despite bitstream being selected as format of choice. Through reading forums I found that you have to manually deselect all the pcm options after you have performed the "auto" set up of the audio settings (you can deselect most of the tick boxes for pcm apart for a few 2.0 channel settings). After I done this I noticed quite a difference in the sound quality and 'impact' when playing games (and could finally get the audio format, DD, TrueHD etc to display when playing games). The ps3 can decode bitstream but I reckon a AV reciever which is built to specifically do that job (among other things of course) will always do it better.