Lip Sync on a DVD1930


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Aug 10, 2019
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I currently own a Samsung LE32 HD LCD tv, a Sherwood RD6106R av reciever, Gale 40-40 floor standing speakers, matching Centre channel and rear speakers. I have recently replaced my DVD player with a Denon -1930 player. Its connected to the AV recievere via coax and to the TV via HDMI. I am getting awful lip sync problems when I set the unit to upscale. thinking that it may be processing time by the TV I have used component and scart. Lip sync dissappears on scart - as I presume this is due to it being an analogue signal. The AV unit has zero delay. I have also changed the video setting on the DVD player (30 fps to 29.5) but still have the same problem. Its a shame as when upscaled to 720 its a fantastic picture and the sound from my av and speakers is also fantastic for the outlay.

What have I done wrong to get this problem? Should I change the AV unit ? Should I not use the upscaling function?



I can't offer any solutions, but would be grateful if anyone else has any ideas...

I have the same problem with the DVD1930 connected by digital coax to my Denon AVR3802, although as a disc plays it gets alternately better and worse.

I must admit, I hadn't made any connection with the problem and the upscaling, but since this was one of the reasons I bought the 1930 in the first place, I am reluctant to revert to a scart connection, or turn off the upscaling.

Interestingly (to me) the problem varies with the DVD being played; the Star Wars DVDs being particularly bad.

The DVD player is connected by HDMI to a Sony KDL40x2000 LCD TV. No other sources appear to have this problem.


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There are many causes of lip sync error, where the sound is heard slightly ahead of a person's lips moving. One cause is display technology itself - plasma and LCD screens use sophisticated image processing for great pictures. But this processing takes time and causes the image to appear slightly after the sound. In addition, television broadcasts themselves can suffer from lip sync error too.

As a born again Cynic thanks now to the industrial Hi Def/Upscaling revolution (and the M25) we're all being sucked into -Do call me Mr Meldrew -I take issue with the Film Companies and more so the manufactuers of DVD players in not being able ( though they quite clearly that is!) to resolve what, for these great technical brains, should not be too insurmountable a problem.

As consumers we we demand........ that when we buy a DVD Player, slot in the DVD and turn on our Amps/AV Receivers and speakers that we receive pictures and sound through our displays which are wholly I would like to know why they aren't and why are we all being ruddy well ripped off?

Well probably it's because they then want you to go out and buy another little colourful gadget to add on to your now system of a hundred and one cables and other ancillary items bumping up the cost thereof even more. Not sure if others have had similar problems with their DVD players but from what I've heard lip sync problems seem to be commonplace with Denon DVD Players. But then again Denon do make AVR's with built in audio delay which they of course like you to go out and buy. So, if they can make AVR's with audio delay, why the hell can't they include that very feature in their DVD players....simple isn't to an ordinary layman? There is something in DVD 1940 that does try to do this but it also has the effect of speeding up the picture, so I guess electronic common sense has once again prevailed.....I think not!

And then you know some AVR's themselves wont necessarily resolve Lip Sync issues even if they do have audio delay which means you then have to go looking around for something like this:

It makes me very angry and what we should be doing as consumers is saying no...we ain't buying the product unless you the manufacturer produce what we want. If it's a DVD player we want then we want to be able to plug it in and have no problems-If we do experience problems we should all be sending our units back without being persuaded by so called better judgement and advice to go out and buy yet another 'add-on' device to cure the problem.

Unfortunately, however, human nature being what it is we're getting carried away by all the glossy looking displays and shiny silver machines hitting the shops right now, buying them, getting them home and then we're all off to the WHF&SV online forum to ask a multitude of questions-some answered-some not-when in fact we shouldn't have to......Quite simply what we buy should bloody well......WORK!