LG's UI is insulting.


Jul 3, 2022
I'm actually flabbergasted. Why is the UI similar to a PDA from the 90s?

I was super disappointed, I mean it's not even possible to be navigating settings whilst playing something to get an idea of what I am changing.

An android type UI should be a gold standard in Smart TVs, aside from significantly intuitive options, there's a major factor; being able to install actual, useful 3rd party apps like NordVPN.

I'm regretting my C1 purchase, but I guess the gaming experience is still one of the best.


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Nov 15, 2019
I have an LG TV with WebOS and an Android bluray player. Personally, I prefer WebOS. I find Android TV somewhat flakey.

Generally, you can't set up NordVPN on most smart TVs. However, if you google you will find ways to set it up using a shared connection from a PC or on a router.

Philips and TCL also do Android TVs. Possibly the easiest solution could be to use a FireTV stick. You can find installation guides on the NordVPN site.


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Maybe I'm unfairly compacting to smart devices? But surely it's accurate
Probably best not to compare the two.

I've installed tellies for quite a few people.
Several of them have asked if I can switch the "annoying things" off and leave them with just a TV. If only.

I find TV UI and 'smart' functions (with their necessary updates) can be a hindrance to viewing....personally, I wish you could buy TVs without the 'smart'.
(At least I haven't got an unnecessary Netflix button on my remote).
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I tried the voice commands on our LG but it never insulted me! But seriously, the worst thing I find is switching back from an App to the terrestrial TV. The relevant icon is almost off the screen, but I’m guessing if I fiddle I’ll be able to move it.



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