Kings of Leon @ Hyde Park tomorrow, antone else going???


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Jun 28, 2007
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Well I've got tickets for tomorrows (thursday) gig at Hyde Park and was wondering if anyone else on here is going??


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May 4, 2008
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Nah but i saw then at the IOW festival 10 odd days ago, they were very good, probably better than the Glastonbury set they done in '08 and much better than Wembley Arena 18 month's ago.

Personally i like the older stuff, On Call, Mollies Chambers, The Bucket etc and they played them, those tune's work very well live but they did do a couple of new tune's including Sex on Fire that they played after the encore.

They put some effort into playing at IOW and apologised for some recent performance's which was a waffle to be honest i just wanted some tunes, but hey.

Should be good, i'd like to see them again soon they're in form at the moment, enjoy!


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Nov 25, 2007
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Hi D.J.,

I also went to see them at Hyde Park on both Weds. & Thurs.

I was partially soaked with the odd glass & bottle of what i hope was beer.But,unfortunately,i sustained some bruising to my chest & ribs whilst attempting to withstand the occaisionally frightening surges of the crowd on Weds. when i stood by the barrier beside the sound & video engineers marquee.A mere 25m from the front of the stage.

Although the weather wasn't as clear as the previous night,i was more than relieved to be viewing Thurs. night's gig from my safer & elevated vantage point on the grandstand to the right of the stage.

I thought the Followill boys generally sounded pretty good too.Having said that,i can't help thinking Paul Wellers' performance was a bit more energetic & he interacted with the audience more.

I have high hopes the Foo Fighters gig next Sun. will be even better though.




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