Upgrade from Denon PMA800NE

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Hi Rob - I have indeed. Went for a “stopgap” upgrade until I further researched and bought a used Marantz 7200. Extremely pleased with it, spades better than the Denon (which I can now admit I never really liked).

Like the 7200 so much so that I think my next proper upgrade will be another Marantz.
Interesting that you prefer Marantz. You know that they are kind of sister brands under the same group? I have liked Marantz in the past: I owned the little all-in-one m-cr 603 which I really liked and but then tried a couple of Marantz amps which I didn't really like at all (pm 6006 uk, and then a small pricier one with wooden sides that I can't remember the name of).


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