ITunes and wma files


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Aug 10, 2019
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With previous versions of iTunes on my Mac when loading in wma files the iTunes converted the tracks to AAC. With the latest versions however it doesn't seem to do this anymore meaning I have to load the files on iTunes on a windows system, convert, put them on ausb stick then load to the mac from that. Very frustrating. Is there a quicker way or am I just doing something wrong due to ignorance?


:cry: Thanks John I have a load of CDs that have stuff burned on wma so I could play them in the car so I am trying to get them into my iTunes on the mac. I have a windows laptop from work so I am having to go via that at the moment until I figure it out :cry:

John Duncan

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OK, I found one lying around, and nothing happens when I drag it onto iTunes (or do 'Add to Library'). I suspect then that the Windows route is the one you should use; there are probably applications that will do the conversion on a Mac (though the one I have, Max, isn't one of them...) but you may as well use what you've got already.

Bit of a pain, agreed...


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