Is it possible to use my cyrus 8XPDQ amp with a Pioneer SC-LX83 receiver?


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Aug 10, 2019
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I would like to upgrade from my cyrus AV8 Master and buy something like the Pioneer SC-LX8 for AV use. Ideally I would like to link in my cyrus 8xpdQ amp into it for 2 channel music but am not sure how practical it is. Can anyone give me any guidance on how to link the two up and how easy it would be for it to work in practice. thanks


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Nov 15, 2008
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I used to use a two box solution, first with an Arcam stereo amp and Yamaha DSP-E800. I then moved on to an AV Receiver with front pre-outs.

All you need to do is to hook the front pre-out connections on the Pioneer to an input on the Cyrus. I am not familiar with the Cyrus setup but with my old Arcam, I had to set the volume at a memorable position (12 o'clock), which should ideally be 0db. This position is high for when you listen to music. I calibrated the AV Receiver around this. When I wanted to listen to music sources, I had to turn the volume down and then turn it back up again when I switched to AV. This might not apply to you and your Cyrus if you are able to bypass it.

I actually ended up connecting my music source (Squeezebox) to the AV Receiver so I could use the sub for music.

The two box solution works very well.

Andrew Everard

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May 30, 2007
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If I recall correctly, labelling one of the Cyrus amp's inputs as 'AV Direct' will cause that input to become a unity gain/bypass input for just this purpose.

EDIT: Ah yes, got it now:

Connecting a Surround Sound decoder (other brand)
If your system includes a multi-channel surround sound decoder (but not a Cyrus model), it may be connected through your amplifier to drive the front channel speakers.
In this case, connect a stereo phono interconnect from the front channel outputs of the surround decoder to one of the Analogue Inputs of the amplifier. For this system to function correctly, the ‘AV Direct’ input name must be set for the input used (see ‘Input names’ in the ‘Setup menu’ section).

When set up in this way, the amplifier will automatically lock its volume setting to a fixed level to match the output of the surround decoder.

CAUTION: The ‘AV Direct’ input name should only be used for surround decoders that include a volume control, as the volume control of your amplifier will be fixed at a very high level.


sorry for the slow response on this. so the answer is yes, I just need to find an av receiver with pre outs. once again thanks


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Oct 16, 2008
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adam cox said:
sorry for the slow response on this. so the answer is yes, I just need to find an av receiver with pre outs. once again thanks

Which the SC-LX83 has, it's generally only amps at the cheap end of the market that don't feature them (which is daft as typically they're the ones that will benefit the most from them musically).


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