Question Is 5ft throw distance sufficient for most projectors?


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Jun 15, 2015
I have a fixed 5ft throw distance and am looking to replace my Vankyo Leisure 510 projector (i know) with something else better (HD) but still budget, which shouldn't be difficult.

My current projector does a non-HD projection at 5ft and it's sharp enough for my usage. I'm also sitting about 5ft away. It projects about a 45in (diag) display, which is big enough for my needs.

The trouble I'm having is trying to understand if a projector will project a sharp image at 5 foot throw distance. Some example models I'm looking at are Optoma HD146X and Epson Home Cinema 880, but I've only really started looking.

Can I assume that most standard non-short-throw projectors will display a sharp image at this distance or are there certain specifications I need to look at to confirm they will display a sharp image at 5 foot?

Again, I don't mind that the image is only 45in (diag) display as the wall isn't that large anyway.


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Sep 24, 2008
Go to the manufactures website and you will find all of them have distance calculators which you can use to see if a particular projector will fit your needs.
To be honest at 45” you would probably be better off with a TV rather than a projector, although after having said that a projector will always be more real looking as it uses reflected light like in the real world, but I would still look at a TV at that size.



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