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My 5 foot throw problem


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Jun 15, 2015
I'm a first time projector buyer. I have a somewhat small room which I thought a projector would be perfect for many reasons. Wall-to-wall is 6 foot (1.8m).

I'm looking for a low budget projector as it's going to be used for casual gaming and netflix. I'm not a big movie nerd and I don't nerd out over pixels and beefy hardware. I just want something that is going to fit, provide a relatively alright screen and the best bang for my bucks.

I've shortlisted two projectors, the Vankyo V600 (Native 1080p), and the Vankyo Leisure 510 (720p). Both are within my budget and seem to be the best options for a brand new projector in my budget.

Now for my problem...

The minimum throw distance for the V600 is 5.6 foot (1.7m). Calculating the overall size of the unit, I would be positioning the lens at just about 5 foot from the screen (1.5m). So, my available throw distance appears to be to short.

The 510 has a minimum throw distance of 4.59 feet (1.4m). This means that my room is within the throw distance.

I'm torn because the V600 is native 1080p, but my room isn't wide enough, while the v510 fits, but is only 720p (supports 1080p).

Do I go for the V600 and hope that the picture is sharp? I don't know if it will be blurry if it's too close. Or do I play it safe with the V510, and take a hit on resolution?

Thanks in advance. I know these aren't brilliant amazing projectors, but they suite my needs. I just need some advice on my throw problem.