Iris Flow Headphones


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Dec 22, 2006
A few posters on here backing these headphones on crowdfunding. Have they turned up yet and what are they like? I am using the app on Spotify and I have been impressed with the Listen Well app. Any feedback?


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Just looked them up, having never heard of them before. One thing puzzles me, Iris say there is no ANC because they say it would affect sound quality and yet, they use an algorithm to modify the music, supposedly to make it sound better. I would prefer unmolested sound.

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I would prefer unmolested sound.
Same. There are already programs like Sonarworks that are basically just EQ profiles for many different devices in a single program.

I did the free trial a while back and I didn't like it. I certainly wouldn't buy a headphone based on software EQ.


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Nov 11, 2020
These remind me so much of Creative's Marketing for it's EAX Soundcards over the years, it's uncanny. Ultimately alot of the effects they boasted were EQ manipulation, but eventually as the hardware improved in the soundcards, they sounded better leaving it all turned off.

If it simply is an EQ, then the best one i've used is free: Equalizer APO. People have uploaded profiles onto Github for the majority of headphones on the market. However that's not perfect. I have a 72 point Parametric profile for the Amiron Homes, and that's still less effective than swapping pads on Beyer Headphones.

The makers of Iris stress though that it isn't an EQ, but mathematical fomula/equation, in which case it sounds similar to the optional resampling in JRiver Media Center that they have been doing for years.

In terms of applying the software, I can see this only working if you are using USB/Bluetooth to make use of the onboard hardware. When using the 3.5mm jack, it will be an analogue signal by that point in which case the headphones would work like any other by that point like Bose Quietcomfort and the Sony WH-1000X series.