Ipod Library to pc


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Nov 24, 2007
I recently lost all my music in itunes, fortunately i had backed up my music on a external hard drive so i transferred my music back to my pc and into itunes but when i looked it had put all the songs in number order so all No1s together,No2s together etc,etc and also all information was missing apart from song title so i decided to look for a program on the net and found one that transferred all my music from my ipod back to my pc but again it put my music back into itunes as above!

Has anyone else had similar experience? Is it to do with my settings in itunes? Help!!


yeh geez, I had exactly the same prob give or take. I used a temporary program which wasnet the full version and you could only do 5 tracks at a time but it did the job.
I cant for the life of me remember the exact program name but if you type- Ipod tracks to pc. In the google search it should display all the info you will need to do it.


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