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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi everyone,

Wasn't sure where to post this question but I think the problem may lie with the amp, so here goes.

I have all my kit in one area. The problem I am getting is a hissing through the speakers when my PC and amp are switched on and connected to my telly. Here's my set up.

I have Sugden electronics: an A21SE integrated amp and CD21SE cd player. They're set on a dedicated rack. My speakers are a pair of AAD e48 tower speakers. I have a small form-factor PC sat next to my Toshiba 32-inch flatscreen telly. The Telly is plugged into the Sugden amp with some reasonable interconnects (nothing fancy there though) and the PC is also plugged into the amp with a cheap interconnect. I have recently introduced a BT vision set-top box into the set up but that hasn't changed anything for better or worse.

I experience a problem whenever the PC and amp are switched on, but only when there is a connection from one device or both to the TV. If I remove the connections between these two devices and the telly I do not get any hissing, but of course this means I can't get stereo sound out of the PC!

I find that the hissing is significantly more pronounced from the speaker positioned closer to the telly, which makes me think it's an interference problem. I have tried using mains filters but they had no effect on the problem.

Any advice appreciated, thanks.


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Jul 20, 2007
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Have you tried it with the a different set of interconnects plugged into the TV/PC?

Are any of the wires running parallel?, I had a similar problem from my TV/Freeview box after re-organizing my rack, I moved the cables and it stopped, think that the speaker cable running near the telly was picking up interference when the TV/Freeview box was on- not sure why or how though. I remember there was a theory that cables should cross at right angles if possible.


Thanks for the tip, but I'm not sure what you mean by cables running parallel or at right angles: do you mean to each other, or to one of the devices?

Anyway I've played around with the cabling but not manged to reduce the noise. Also, I tried one of those Tacima 6 way mains conditioners today and it made the problem worse! I got loud hissing without the PC on, just running the TV into the stereo amp. I've gone back to my £5-from-woolies 6-way surge protector. I'm sure some kind of signal must be getting amplified by the TV.

I also tried moving the amp away from the TV, and moving the speakers, but to no avail.

Anything else I can try?



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Dec 28, 2007
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As I remember from reading WHF of old, ideally, your power cables and signal cables (e.g. speaker wire, interconnects etc.) should be kept apart if possible otherwise you can get interference. If they have to cross, they should cross at right angles to each other rather than running parallel to each other e.g. you shouldn't have both power cables and signal cables running in the same bundle along the wall.

Worth a go, but it sounds like it might be something else (though I'm not sure what I'm afraid)


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