Interconnects for pre and power Myryad and Beresford DAC


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi everyone

Well, having taken the advice given in my recent post I have upgraded my preamp and speakers and now own a Myryad MP100 and a Beresford 24bit DAC to partner my Myryad mi120 power amp with Cyrus cl50 speakers

Currently I have the Beresford supplied coaxial connecting my sacd to the preamp and then some cryogenic cables from the missing link to take that signal to the pre amp. From there nordost black knight to the power amp.

1. Would I be best to upgrade the digital interconnect between sacd and dac? Or would a high quality analogue fee be better to the dac?

2. DAC to pre and pre to power amp to get the best out of this system what sort of price range for interconnects and any helpful suggestions?

3. Speaker cable?



PS For those recent posters asking about the Beresford I think its fantastic.


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Jul 28, 2007
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The coaxial supplied with the unit is very good so unless you plan to buy chord signature or indigo I suggest you stick with it.
As for the analog cables I would recommend Gotham for both interconnects and speakers duty....again unless you are willing to spend stupid money, the Gotham are as good as many under £100 imo.


Thanks Thaiman. I am grateful for your advice and pleased to see you back. It is very helpful to have someone who has experienced very high end audio pass on their knowledge.

I have ordered some Gotham cables - and have read impressive reviews for them. It seems amazing that such a difference can be made at such a low price. Isolation and mains are my next researches. From what I read there seems to be lower frequency vibration to influence the circuit boards in all units. My system is in an upstairs bedroom on floorboards - hence vibration aplenty. I'm listening to Vangelis Mythodea as I write - well worth a listen.

The separation of components relating to shielding from leakage from one component to another is another interesting topic.

Cheers Stuart