interconnects a question of brands.


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OK source to Pre amp/integrated are Tara labs spectrum 2a's with Tara lab RCS jumpers from pre to main in the integrated. but for the pre out to the power ampi have a supra EEF-1 Ok the second amp is powering the bass while the integreated is doing the upper ranges on the 703's But i was wondering about the cables.. would you go tara labs to replace the Supra? i have no issues with the sound as such but i wonder if anyone had a comparative test of the two brands?


I reckon pre-power you would struggle to tell the difference. I use same brand / cable across electronics so don't follow this, but in all honesty I'd say don't worry about it.


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not worried just interested.

and i will be buying at least one new interconnect when the turntable arrives.

so it could be perceived more of a what is the difference between the sound of the of the brands?

i suppose i could change the config. to one amp bi/wired and switch some cables in and out to see. But as with most things i love to hear other thoughts idea and horror stories ;)


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