I have q acoustic speakers and a broken old JVC amplifier- can anyone recommend an amplifier?


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Aug 10, 2019
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I am in the market for a new amplifier - last one bought 20 odd years ago - jvc! I have Q acoustic 2010 bookshelf speakers and a fairly large lounge.

I want to be able to plug in to this amplifer my new Samsung internet TV and laptop - :quest: minimium.

Can anyone recommend something - less than £500ish ?


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I'd suggest a NAD C326BEE which would pair well with the Q speakers. I'd also suggest getting a decent DAC - a digital to analogue converter that will make the most of any files you play from your laptop. The new Musical Fidelity V-DAC II would be worth a look as would the Cambridge Audio DacMagic.


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May 7, 2010
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As you have a fairly large lounge I would sell the Q acoustic speakers.

You could spend £300 ish on an integrated amp, such as the NAD, Marantz, Cambridge Audio or Yamaha etc. and then spend the rest on speakers such as Monitor Audio BX2 or larger speakers.

Second hand and get a fairly nice upgrade for £200.e.g. mid-large size floorstanders. I just have a feeling the Q acoustic small standmounts will sound small a larger room. However, if you are just wanting a little increase in sound volume/clarity from your TV/PC, MP suggestions are very good. Maybe I'm underestimating the Q 2010's.


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Blackdawn makes a good point. It all comes down to what you are expecting to gain. Ultimately, whichever route you take, you are going to need to invest in a DAC at some point in order to get the best out of the files played from your laptop, but a change of speakers would make sense if you wish to achieve a bigger scale sound.

If you do decide to look into new speakers the BX2s are superb and would work well with a NAD C326BEE or Marantz PM6003 (if you can still find one). I'd also anticipate they'd work well with the new PM6004 but this is only speculation until I've heard the new Marantz. Certainly the BX2s would be a massive upgrade on the little Qs. Also worth a look are the superb Wharfedale Diamond 10.1s, or the Mordaunt-Short Aviano 1XR or Aviano 2.

If you want to go for floorstanders you might be able to find a pair of pre-owned Q 1030i or 1050i for a good price although if you prefer a sound with real control and finesse the standmounters mentioned above are better.