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How to set up furniture in a home theatre for better acoustics


In order to experience a completely theatrical experience with enhanced sound effects and visuals with the home theater system, you need to have the perfect set of furniture. It is highly recommended to have the speakers placed on the mount stand rather than on the floor to ensure great sound quality. Below is a list of few furniture’s that one can use to have the studio monitors; speakers placed along with some best recliner seating recommended for home theater experience.

‘Step 1’
Place the home theater studio monitor at the center of desk’

Remember, the home theater studio monitor must be at the center of the hall so that all the people inside the room could get a good view. ‘Keep the studio monitor right at the center of the desk’ as shown below. It is recommended to have a ‘Desk of small height’ so that our eyes align to the center of the monitor’.


‘Step 2’
Place the seating sofas in a slightly circular fashion

To get the best view of the home theater studio, ‘Keep the seating sofas to form an arch shape’ as shown below. This will ensure that all people would get a good amount of sound from the surround speaker


‘Step 3’
Place the front speakers on a small stand’

Remember to place the front two speakers at an equal distance from the studio monitor as shown in the below image. ‘Place the front speakers on a small stand’ to experience good sound levels. Never keep the front speakers on the floor.


‘Step 4’
‘Use recliner chairs for your convenience’

To get a complete theatrical experience with the home theaters, you can have the ‘Recliner chairs or sofas’ for your comfort. Based on the arm rest type and model, you can choose your desired set of recliner chairs or sofas.


‘Step 6’
‘Use adjustable speaker mount stand’

There are different models of speaker mount stand for your home theaters. Based on the ambiance you desire, choose the ‘Adjustable speaker mount stand’ on which you can place the speakers. The knobs can be turned’ to adjust the height of the speaker stands.


‘Here is how you can set up the furniture in the home theater for better acoustic levels’