How to set up bookshelf speakers


Bookshelf speakers are the best alternative to replace huge speakers that occupy quite some space. These can be installed on a table or a shelf. Besides great sound, bookshelf speakers look catchy, unlike the traditional huge speakers. They can be connected with the minimum of fuss to a music source such as a laptop, a mobile phone or a tablet. All you’ll require to install bookshelf speakers is connecting wires, 3.5 mm jack cable, a tiny amplifier, a source and of course, the speaker itself. Follow the easy steps below to set up bookshelf speakers.

Step 1
Connect the 3.5 mm jack into source

Connect the one end of the cable with 3.5 mm jack into the source. 3.5 mm jack is the most common port for media sources such as laptops, mobile phones etc.

Step 2
Connect the source to the amplifier

Once the jack is plugged into the source, connect the other two end terminals of the cable to the input ports of the amplifier. Alternatively, if you have a two-way 3.5 mm jack cable, you can use it as well.


Step 3
Connect speaker wires to the amplifier

Connect the ends of a split wire to the output ports of the amplifier.


Step 4
Connect amplifier to the speaker

Connect the other ends of the split wire to the input ports of the speakers using banana connectors. Be careful with the polarity of the output and input terminals of the amplifier and the speaker respectively. Follow Step 3 and Step 4 to connect the second speaker with the amplifier.


Step 5
Power on the amplifier

Turn on the amplifier by plugging in the adaptor to the socket and turning on the power button.


That’s it, your bookshelf speakers are successfully connected and ready to play your favourite music.



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