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How to connect bass speakers to a stereo system


If you’re reading this, you’ve probably bought the new bass speakers for your home stereo and wondering how to install them. Bass speakers or subwoofers are quintessential equipment for your sound system to sound absolutely fantastic.

They reproduce and amplify low pitch sounds or bass sound. For the best sound results, it is important that you connect the subwoofer properly, place it wisely and fine-tune as required. Here’s how you can connect bass speakers to a stereo system in different ways.

Step 1
LFE connection

Connect the LFE input of the subwoofer to the receiver using an RCA cable. This is the easiest way to connect a subwoofer with the sound system and it does not even require manual fine-tuning of sound and crossover. However, not every woofer supports LFE inputs.

Step 2
Low Level Input connection

Alternatively, you can connect the low-level input of the subwoofer with the receiver using two RCA cables.


Step 3
Connect speakers to the subwoofer

Another alternative way to connect the subwoofer to the stereo system is by connecting the speakers with the subwoofer using normal wires.

Step 4
Power on the device

Switch on the power supply to the bass speakers. Later, turn on the subwoofer by clicking the power button. It is advisable that all the devices such as subwoofer, speakers, amplifiers etc have no power supply while making connections.


Step 5
Fine-tune the sound

If you connect the subwoofer using low-level inputs or directly to the speakers, you can adjust sound, frequency, crossover and other filters from the subwoofer using the corresponding buttons.


Once you’ve properly connected the subwoofer, you need to place it at an ideal position for the best sound results.



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