How i can tell the AVR &TV that i need the video from laptop to be displayed(through AVR) in TV?


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Sep 2, 2015

Pls see the attached sample picture.

I would like to see the laptop video in Tv ,THROUGH avr using HDMI and ARC fuction.

The reason for that-

A- Its really painful using the TV remote to type and search for Youtube videos in the TV youtube APP (55 inch Samsung 2015 smart tv

B-I am thinking that if the Laptop video go through the AVR (Pioneer sc lx85)then to the TV , AVR will processes the video to get better?!! Instead of just connecting the tv and AVR using ARC HDMI functions or Just connecting the laptop and TV through HDMI and TV and AVR through HDMI ARC ( Does the AVR process the video if the TV is connected to the AVR through HDMI ARC Functions??!!)

When i connect the system like
this in the picture, i can tell the AVR i need laptop input by selecting the HDMI option, but how to tell the AVR that this input video has to go to the TV?


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Jan 16, 2013
With my HTPCs I plug the PC HDMI outputs directly into spare HDMI inputs on the AVRs. You configure the PC audio outputs to be via the HDMIs and away you go.

For keyboard and mouse service I use those small keyboards with laptop style touchpads built in, with a wireless USB receiver in one of the PC's USB sockets.

Same idea should work for a laptop but you may need to set it to display the TV / receiver as a second screen.


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