How do I make my iPOD docking station multiroom


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Aug 10, 2019
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Currently we have a BOSE docking station for our iPOD. I am not hi-tech in anyway shape or form and neither am I a fan of music. However, my fiance is, and I was hoping to make this system multiroom for him. Is it at all possible to make this a wireless multiroom system and if so how? If not - is the Sonos 3 the best wireless multiroom system on the market at present? Any help is welcome. Thanks in advance.
It won't be possible to make your Bose sound dock multiroom. Sonos is currently the best option.

The cheapest way to start building a multiroom system is by going for a Sonos Play:3 with ZoneBridge:

The ZoneBridge will connect to your wireless router via Ethernet cable, allowing you to place the play:3 anywhere in the house.

Then it's just a matter buying more Sonos products to extend your multiroom, when funds allow.

Sonos can stream songs off your PC. It is worth investing in a NAS drive to store songs in, so that you can play songs even when your PC is off.


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