I'm looking to get a home cinema installation put into a new room in my recent loft coversion. Looking to spend around £2k and have had the following specced:

  • Optoma OPTO-UHD30 White
  • Sony UBPX800M2
  • Sanus VMPR1 Black TV Brackets
  • Sapphire SEWS270RWSF-ATR Projector Screen
  • Wyrestorm WYRE-ACTOPT-10m AV interconnects

Room is 5.77m, Width is 3.05m and Height is 2.25m. I already have surround some amp and speakers

I'm after some thoughts to indicate:
  • Does this give the best bang for my buck? Should I change any of the components?
  • I have a Yamaha RX-A3050 - will there be any limitation in the 4k input/output signal (manual states: "Mode 1 - Inputs/outputs 4K (60 Hz/50 Hz) signals in 4:4:4, 4:2:2 or 4:2:0 format")
  • Do I need such a high-spec blu-ray 4k player? I'm after something that provides streaming in 4k and possibly region free for blu-ray. Obviously it needs to provide surround sound and SACD compatability
  • To get appropriate bandwidth for 4k streaming is an ethernet connection recommended? What sort of connection speed should I be looking for from my ISP?

Any thoughts on the above would be massively appreciated!


The UHD30 has non RGBRGB color wheels, unlike the UHD51. RGBRGB color wheels which have better colors.

The TW7000 has poor native contrast, similar to the UHD51. But the Epson has an active iris which is better than lamp dimming.

The Benq W2700 is probably the best option (for movies) for its price although pushes your budget up a bit.

Your screen choice is very good, assuming your room can be made totally dark.

What are your sources apart from 4K player?

I won't worry too much about "high spec" 4K players. Get a player with dual HDMI outputs and look at other features that are important for you within the player (like streaming apps).

In terms of internet speed, you need minimum 25Mbps for 4K, and 50Mbps for like 4K streaming. Ethernet will always give you a stable connection. Go for the fastest speed you can get in your house.


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Forget projector specs as all have their limitations and positives, instead always try before you buy to make sure it suits your eyes and you don’t see any artefects.

Projectors do not support Dolby Vision, however some 4K players allow you to adjust the output to optimise with the mapping of your projector, which can improve performance with HDR.

Apart from the above, as BigBoss says.



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