help with wharfedale sw150 sub and boston acoustics satellites


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Aug 25, 2014
guys new user here

i'm after some help setting up a wharfedale diamond sw150 subwoofer with a set of 5 boston acoustics soundware xs sateliite speakers.

the frequency response of the sw150 is 35Hz to 110Hz and the controls i can change on the sub are as follows

phase adjustment: 0º or 180º
crossover frequency: 35–85Hz (10Hz steps)

the specs of the boston satellites that i think are relevant are

crossover freq: 5kHz
freg response: 150Hz – 20kHz
impedence: 8 ohms
sensitivity: 85dB

the only thing i am fairly confident at setting is the volume control on the sub . i set this at 12 o'clock position. everything else on the sub i am just not sure what to set. the speakers and sub are connected to a yamaha RX-V673 receiver. the yamaha manual suggests setting the crossover on the sub to its maximum (85Hz)?

once i have the settings on the sw150 figured out, i can run the ypao auto setup feature on the yamaha. any help would be greatly appreciated


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Aug 24, 2014
- Set phase adjustement to 0

- Set crossover frequentie to max

-Volume half way (12 o'clock)

=> run ypao

You don't have to worry about phase setting. Your sub and satellites don't overlap because your satellites have a frequency response (150Hz – 20kHz) above your sub. After running ypao you can test your sound and change your subs volume according to your preference but leave crossover of your sub at max.


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