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Aug 10, 2019
Hi. I am looking for a system for my Ipod at home. I am considering 1) Fatman I-tube, 2) Roth Cocoon, both with Roth Oli1/Mission M31/AE Aegis Neo1 or 3)a seprate amp and speakers for a similar price (say 300-400 quid). Any recommendations greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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Jan 2, 2008
Hi Simon.

1) - a work collegue with a Fatman loves it.

2) - dont know anyone on the forum with a Roth Cocoon, or even the Fatman, so suggest you do searches for both on the whole Whathifi site to see what is there. The Fatman is well rated.

3) - using an ipod as a source to be plugged into an amp is perfectly acceptable (to me and others, but many disagree!). The advantages of separates are the ability to upgrade one part at a time and to move to a PC based setup where instead of the ipod as the source, it is itunes on the PC. The PC feeds a DAC and the DAC feeds the amp. This produces excellent sound, better than 1) and 2) I am sure. But 1) and 2), depending on space and convenience will also sound excellent.


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